HR Landscaping Ltd

H And R Maintenance Landscaping is the leading service provider for landscaping and Design Company in Calgary. We are providing since 2003 both residents and commercial contractors alike with quality landscaping. Here we discussed about the landscaping services, Acreage Grading and Seeding, Bobcat and Grading, Fencing, Fertilizer Application and Weed Control, Lawn Maintenance and Snow Removal, Paving Stones and Retaining Walls, Trees and Shrubs and Sodding that H&R landscaping ltd provides.

Acreage Grading and Seeding

we have the appropriate equipment and most Skilled Technicians to Grade your property and Seed or Sod the lawn. We are using only the high quality materials and we’ll offer detailed care instructions to ensure results you’ll be pleased with. If lawn installation or restoration is in your future, let us show you our proven process for installing a great-looking lawn!

Bobcat and Grading

We provide bobcat services to the smallest and the largest commercial projects. Our bobcat services include spreading loam, back fill, grading, snow removal (parking lots/sidewalks), and sweeping sand after the snow season, dead tree removal, tree planting etc.


The Wood Fencing Installation is an excellent choice for privacy fencing, whether it is in terms of more commonly or noise barriers and visual barriers. All the resources you need to know about Fencing Installation. Read and learn more about Fencing Installation is an excellent. Here’s the complete page of Fencing. It features all Fencing questions and answers.

Fertilizer Application and Weed Control

To have a healthy tree or lawn you need to have good soil and in most of the cases this is very rare. That’s why fertilizer Application is such an integral part of lawn maintenance. If the soil you have is very dark it means that there are fewer nutrients for a healthy lawn or tree. Grass can survive without fertilizer but it will not be as healthy, green or produce the shine that everyone wants. If you want to show off your pristine lawn, you will need to fertilize regularly and has to be control of its Weed according to a schedule.

Lawn Maintenance and Snow Removal

We maintain beautiful stunning lawn and preparing for our long winters requires special lawn care maintenance procedures.


The fall clean-up services take care of anything from your final lawn mow, raking leaves to the proper fertilization for grass and soil in preparation for the cold months ahead. Our Fall Clean-up Service will ensure your property is prepared for southern Alberta’s long winter months.


Shoveling snow entails a considerable amount of physical effort and can be a strain on the back and the heart. Each year many senior citizens and middle aged people die from heart attacks while shoveling snow. Those unwilling or unable to perform this labour, especially those with large driveways and/or surfaces and those living in areas with long lasting winters with large amounts of snowfall, may require the use a snow blower.
H and R Maintenance will make those winter months easier to bare. With our 24 hour snow removal service the choice is easy for all of your commercial & residential needs.


Let H&R Landscaping help keep your lawn stunning and gorgeous. With our lawn care maintenance procedures, you can be confident that your property will remain healthy and beautiful throughout the spring and summer months. Our services include mowing, trimming, basic cleanup of the area and weeding. Maintenance of flowers and shrub beds can also be done on a weekly basis (please call for pricing).


So the snow is gone and you’re looking to get that lawn and landscape looking gorgeous again. H&R Landscaping spring cleanup services are what you need to get there. Our spring cleanup services include the first cut of your lawn, power raking, fertilizing, edging, aeration and so much more.


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